Puerta Cabos Village

An age old question remains intact in our minds: is there really such a place as Paradise? Finally, there is an answer, located in the southernmost corner of the Baja California Sur Peninsula; and it is easy to know the result.

In a landscape covered with ever-changing deserts and roaring Seas, a blue-watered cove basks in the belly of a white-sand beach, slowly and peacefully creating ivory shapes of foam and salt that merge back into the sapphire waters.

To arrive here, a long strip of asphalt leads from the main road and into the beach- and in this town long means five minutes away. Five more minutes, and you can begin to see the Marina, where boats and luxurious yachts seem to cover every crook and corner.

Gentle lights and magnificent nightlife lays not far from this wanted towers that stretch six floor upwards, as if trying to reach the skies.

In these radiant towers, the emerald color of the grass seems to be a sort of bravado against the powerful Sun and the mighty Desert. The turquoise skies and the sapphire pools create a sharp contrast with the rising heatwaves and the deep green cacti that surround the land. Somehow, in a magical manner, the calm palm trees and the rich odor of fresh-trimmed grass seems perfectly adequate, despite the harsh landscape around.

In the white sands of the beach, the scenery changes.

The famous Medano Beach is known for its extreme contrasts. On one side, the familiar fun of waterskies, glass bottom boats, trips to the Majestic Arch, and the powerful water jet occupies all attention, as artisans sell their crafts to the public. On the other side, bars and adult restaurants enhance the ambiance with ice cold beers and drinking contests, only for those who are over-age.

Throughout this land, these extremes are constant, and highly defined. The nightlife in Cabo rivals that of the most celebrated party locations, and its serene, familiar, and relaxing environments can be found in very few other places of the world. All this, just a few minutes away of one of the most luxurious condominium compounds in the Peninsula.
So, be welcome home, to this wondrous location, where night and day merge and intertwine in ways that cannot be described by words, but only by experience. And, with some help from the always hospitable staff in Sea Side Reservations, accessible beyond believe.

Stay in this wonderful location, and let your dreams come true.

Puerta Cabos Village Properties