Peninsula Resort

There is a place, situated in the end of the world, which holds a beauty that can only be inherited by time. As the powerful waves of the ocean crash against cliffs of rock, wonderful sculptures are carved into the stone, and the remains wash ashore, forever polished by the sea.

It is in here that a community of white walls reminiscing of the salty foam of the Sea of Cortez, peacefully resides. Down the Tourist Corridor, littered with hotels and lavished with palm trees and blue skies, a side street opens up next to a “rock-n’-roll” restaurant bar owned by a rock legend. The slightly uphill street reveals, from beneath the plazas and condominium towers, a magnificent sight.

The red-tiled shingles atop the white towers shine with impressive strength against the warming sun, as the pebbled road follows the twisting trail of the paved street. Luscious, deep emerald grass grows freely next to palm trees and bugambilias of multicolored flowers.

A large cone of dried, golden palm tree leafs covers the many dinners set outside, hiding them from the blazing Sun. the Palapa is followed by a low ceiling made from wooden sticks that cover the entire lounge-chair area, allowing the fresh sea breeze to follow through. Right next to this, the turquoise waters of the pool shine and glisten in the light, seemingly playing with your senses, causing the impression of a fairy tale come true. The many decorations along the floor are but river stones incrusted into the concrete causing marvelous forms. The slates of concrete that form the floor adorn the place in a subtle, undeniable way.
It is in here, that luxury meets a classical, traditional form of passion. And it is in here, that all can be done.

As the Sun sets and rises in this land of dreams, the whole world comes to a halt to admire the beauty that resides in here. From the fishing eagles that soar the skies next to the estuary, to the small lizards that call this desert home, none can pretend not to look at the explosion of colors and majestic beauty that is the Sunrises in Cabo.

This piece of land is, truly, something to behold.
Welcome home.

Peninsula Resort Properties