Mykonos Bay

Down the asphalt corridor that leads the serpentine way from San Jose del Cabo, and towards Cabo San Lucas, right before a magnificent cliff that overlooks the sea, brilliant towers of ivory skin rise heading towards the sky, aiming for immortality.

The blue skies seem close to the tops, while the crescent shapes of the many balconies and ridges give the place the sensation of an Elven Palace. Past the main entrance, wonderful greens and blues collide. The exotic gardens and the shapeless pools only add to the feeling of surrealist construction that pervades the ambiance; more ponds than spas, more lakes than pools. The wavy concrete slabs seem like game trails, all hand tailored and carefully guarded to retain the wild-like appearance, whilst settling inside one of the most demanding and elite lifestyles that can be found in Cabo.

Shades made from palm tree leafs give rest from the Sun while charcoal grills offer the possibility of home-made dinners in a relaxed environment. An elite gym and tennis court provide commodities found only inside the most luxurious areas of this tourist destination. Private parking lots and security offer peace of mind.
Yet, at the center of it all, hidden in plain sight between the many pillars and buildings, palm trees and pools, the true treasure of this land.

The sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see on both directions, while the blue seas form white salty foams in the shore. And past the horizon, every nightfall and every sunrise, a spectacle that would put the best jewelers to shame occurs in the lapse of a minute. The sun explodes in multicolored flagrance that spreads throughout the skies; yellows and golds and reds at dawn, pinks and oranges and greens at dusk. Unimaginable shapes are carved in the cotton clouds, while the stars and the moon seem to be only a breath away. And in the back, that giant blue dragon, the Sea of Cortez, rests loudly every day.
Paradisiac beyond belief, breathtaking beyond legends.

Welcome Home.

Mykonos Properties