Loma Linda

Inside the magnificent White towers of Loma Linda, on an elevated first floor and overlooking the ocean and the estuary, this two bedroom unit holds a sight to behold.

Carefully placed near shopping centers, movie theaters, and a mere five minute drive to downtown and the beach, the door opens to reveal an open plane in which the kitchen, with its white tiles and decorative centerpieces offer all the comfort required, along with its many appliances to help in your culinary exploring. In the breakfast bar, two iron bar stools stand guard and offer comfort and closeness within the home.

The diner is set in iron works and a glass tabletop, with four chairs lining the circular table and its subtle, elegant looks.

The living room, just in front of the diner, offers a large L shaped couch that faces a wonderful coffee table and sets the view into the sliding glass doors that lead into the terrace.

On the right, the guest bedroom appears with twin beds separated by a wooden nightstand, with the privacy of its own bathroom and a closet shielded by mirrored doors.

At the back, the master bedroom imposes a wonderful sight with its massive king sixed bed framed in woods and topped with a wooden headrest lavished with soft iron works and carved details. A sunflower shaped mirror hangs above the bed and next to it the sliding glass doors lead into the deck and two lounge chairs perfect for relaxation as you see the wonders of the Los Cabos’ skies. Inside the master bath, a long countertop houses two sinks, each topped with a mirror set into the wall. A bathtub makes its appearance, embedded into an elevated plane covered with tiles. The shower waits in front of it, partially concealed by the wall and its glass blocks. At the back, a double closet remains hidden by sliding, mirrored doors.

In the terrace, where the air is filled with the salty breeze that exudes from the near sea, a diner for four is available. The sturdy iron is topped with glass, and in the same circular shape as inside. A small, woven coffee table and its two matching chairs overlook the pool and the palm trees around, as well as the Sea of Cortez and the estuary where migratory birds roost during their long migrations. Inside a closet in the deck, a laundry room has been supplied with washer, dryer, and other supplies to make your stay more comfortable.

Welcome to this magnificent home, and we hope you return soon.