Las Olas Resort

The clash between the Sea of Cortez and the mighty Los Cabos Desert is one of unending beauty. From the rolling hills covered by cacti and drying vegetation clinging to dear life under the scorching Sun, and to the coarsely sanded beach littered by white pebbles that the blue waves send to shore in their permanent motion, it all comes into perfect balance as the salty breeze covers the plants, providing the little water and moisture they need to survive. From this land, heat waves rise and bring the water vapors into the atmosphere, causing improbable shapes in the thin clouds that sail above.

It is in here, sitting by the Sea, where the Las Olas Resort patiently waits for guests. With their tropical landscape bravely defying the Sun, the crème colored towers raise six stories high, topped by palm-leaf roofs covering the upper decks.

The tall palm trees mix with short, stubby cycads, creating a wonderfully relaxing environment. The cement trail is lined with green grass, surrounding the blue waters of the heated pool and spa. Its irregular shape causes the feeling of sitting by an oasis’ pond. The many lounge chairs set around provide excellent comfort for sun bathing.

A small indoor gym, and a tennis court, is part of the amenities of this beautiful resort. But one of the mayor attractions this tower offers is the sea. Located next to the famous Zipper’s Restaurant, the Blue Coast Beach (or Playa Costa Azul, as is called locally), is a landmark for surfers and windsurfers around the world, even hosting a world tournament once a year.

And as this all unfurls before your eyes, the Sky performs a masterpiece, every dawn and every nightfall. The sun rays slash with colorful glee across the clouds and sky, offering magnificent iridescence and colorful displays that transcend time in memories.

Welcome to Las Olas Resort.

Las Olas Resort