La Jolla

One of the most iconic locations in Mexico is the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. This magnificent place is covered by the most extreme of contrasts; from the dry, greyish sand, to the deep blue ocean, and all colors in between seem to dwell in here, surrounded only by their peers.

It is in this dramatic desert, filled with hospitality and fresh-souled people, that a small, yet radiant jewel is hidden. This is La Jolla Residential.

Not five minutes away from Downtown Square, by the main road, a sudden dent in the asphalt is visible. To the right, it curves underneath a bridge, and beneath it, a smiling man greets you in. once inside, right up front, is one luxurious hotel. All around, magnificent five story condominiums rest peacefully beneath the dry, powerful sun. The red color seems to glow under the white light, and palm trees and unpredictable, colorful, exotic plants grow and thrive. Against the desert, a little water can create such lavish explosions of life; it becomes hardly believable so much life can be held in the same place.

Large, sapphire pools occupy the common grounds, and emerald grass seems to proliferate in this otherwise barren land. The salt of the air seems to open the lungs, and the coolness of the breeze comforts the skin. Past the pools and grasslands, sand stretches as far as the eyes can see to the right and left, and straight up front, the deep, roaring Sea of Cortez. This magnificent water body seems to be a Dragon breathing heavily, inhaling and exhaling water into the sandy shore. The many reflections along the surface seem diamonds shinning with glee against the sun, and the white foam in the surf reminisces of ivory against the sun baked sand.

Luxury and austerity mix and intertwine in such marvelous ways; there are few that can define the true luxury in this land. Some agree it is in its marvelous hotels and resorts. That luxury is redefined by the yachts at the ports, and by the marble floors and granite countertops. Some say that the true luxury lies in the oceans and beaches, in the estuary and the migratory birds that arrive each year here on their way south or north. In the majestic blue whales that arrive every year. Some more say that one cannot exist without the other, and that everything is in perfect balance here; the heat and the breeze, the starry night and the cloudless skies. The barren desert and the colorful explosions of the skies at dawn and dusk make the ultimate description of the iconic life of this marvelous piece of land. And in La Jolla, both luxuries hold hands. So then, be welcome to this land of dreams.

Welcome home.

La Jolla Properties