La Costa Condos


A place to remember, this small residential complex is situated in the immediacy of the Vidanta Golf Course. The buildings are set to provide the most space for the common grounds, which have perfectly blended the desert and the tropics, in a combination of peace and seclusion that calls to the soul.

La Costa Condominiums Location

La Costa Condominiums is located by Paseo el Malecon San Jose and Recinto Punta Palmillas which is on the hotel zone. The Resort is located within walking distance to a variety of restaurants and shopping centers.

La Costa Condominiums Vacation Rentals

Embed in this green grass and spiny cacti are several tall and long palm trees, which sprout from the soil, giving the perfect illusion of the oasis in the desert that this towers are. An irregular-shaped pool lays there, its cold blue waters luring you in to enjoy. For those chilled nights, a Jacuzzi awaits, like a pond next to the lake. Amid this place, a small hedge creates four oval shapes, each enclosing a pair of chairs and a small table. The romanticism is only broken, perhaps, by the next couple, shying away underneath the palm-leaf palapas that cover them from the rain and sun. Lounge chairs sit next to the pool, asking you to stop by and relax.

Walking down the small pathway lined by the grass, and to the right, you will find a sign stating the entrance to the pool and spa. The second pool is elongated, as opposed to the first one, much more circular in shape. A small area is designed to be a water mirror, a place to sit in the cool water on warm days. The body of the pool is long and narrow, perfectly designed for a few swimming sessions, and right next to it is a round spa, designed to fit five friends in a gathering to remember. A hedge protects the pool from outsiders, and creates a privacy atmosphere like few places can offer. Lounge chairs line this pool, relaxing and basking in the sun… waiting for you.

Exit through the left, and past the parking lot, between two towers, is the third and final pool. This lightning-shaped pool offers the same construction design as the previous one. The shallow water mirror, and the swimming pool, right next to the spa, surrounded by lounge chairs and tables.

La Costa property promises a long list of amenities and five-star luxuries, including:


Feel free to roam among the towers, and discover all that this petite resort has to offer. Welcome may you be, to this heart-warming community called La Costa Condominiums, where the soul feels free.

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