Krystal Grand

Krystal Grand Residences
Located in one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and one of the most luxurious Vacation Destinations in Mexico, the Krystal Grand Resort sits peacefully in San Jose del Cabo.
An amazing view stretches as far as the eye can see, where the deep blue ocean clashes with the light blue sky and the white patches of clouds, and the light brown sand deepens in color as the weaves retreat.
The downtown area only a few minutes away, this patch of heaven is located against a small plaza, where services such as restaurants, car rental, furniture store, and medical center, are present for your convenience. The parking lot and elevator are kept in top condition for your safety.
This single tower complex is carefully decorated with white metal webs that seem to hold the crème colored building together.
Beautiful decorations are placed in and around the ground areas and the red bricks that climb up the mainframe of the building provide a sense of warmth and comfort.
Below, the La Jolla complex spreads its Private Owned Condominiums, and a small hotel sits patiently in the middle.
The new building has no direct access to the beach; however, there is access by Costa Azul, just a few hundred meters away. This beautiful, thick sand beach is world-renowned for its spectacular sunrises and amazing Surf.
The Krystal Grand Hotel does not count with a SPA of its own. The La Jolla compound allows Krystal Grand guests to use the facilities, such as SPA, pools, beach access, and Club House, for a comfortable price of $60.00 USD per day, per person.
Met with the signature hospitality of Los Cabos, the surrounds thrive with small plazas, restaurants, bars, and activity centers. Right off the strip of the Hotel Zone, peace pervades in this complex, with all the luxury and amenities of the nearby areas.
This place is as close to home as one can get.
Welcome to the Krystal Grand Resort.

Krystal Grand Units