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As you close in towards Cabo, and to the right, a dirt strip ascends the hills.

A few hundred meters, and the solitude seems to step in. Less than half a mile away from the noisy main road, with its traffic and lights, peace seeps back into the desert. Lights begin to fade, and a fortitude of calm stones rises from the dusty ground.

Patient stone walls outline the concrete steps, crowned with small pebbles; guide you up to the emerald grass. Purple flowers from the trimmed bugambilias and small palms surround the swimming pool, which in turn, faces the Pacific Ocean. The giant Arch of stone that stands guard against the powerful Ocean holds its own in the background.

The elegance in this Two Towers is quite unique. Following the normativity in Cabo, neither one of them is too tall. Regardless, since the first floor, the view is superb. Deep blue water and light blue heavens collide with barren rock and desert sand in this one of a kind, deep plunge into the wildest environments. The scorching Sun cools down under the salty Sea Breeze, and the starry nights are only taken away by the blast of color that is the Sunrise. At Sundown, the best of the Fallen Artists take turns throwing gold and amber and scarlet and crimson at the light blue Canvas of the Sky. A terrace palapa can be found at the top, ready for your use. And all this can be found, not ten minutes away by car from a Luxe icon in Cabo, the world renowned Costco Store.

Close at hand is the marina, with its luxury Yachts and Charters, the Luxury Avenue, and a grand mall called Plaza Puerto Paraiso (Paradise Port).

It is one place you will always remember, and a sight you will never forget. All this, with our Sea Side Reservations signature.

As always, welcome home.

Idaho Condominiums