Cascadas del Pedregal

Climbing up a hill in the wonderful Los Cabos downtown, within an exclusive area of town, a sight opens to the heart of those who long for powerful sunsets and breathtaking views of the shining sea.

As the road ascends, wonderful scenarios unfurl. The half-naked hills of brown stones and red sand give in to the rich blue color of the sky, while magnificent towers rise, stretching their arms into the clouds.

In this magnificent zone, the beige colored condominiums encased by the red hills become a marker for luxury. From the breathtaking views of the Marina and the cove that is the beach in this marriage of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez where cruise ships are visitors, to the city below, and from there to the tall hills and the gently painted sky and clouds, life becomes a blend of sublime landscapes and magnificent sense of beauty.

Seven towers have been built, elevating four stories high. With the infinity edged pools embedded into the stone floor, a mirage reminiscing of the Floating Gardens in the ancient Babylonian legend comes to mind; Elevated above the world, with nothing but the sky above, beautiful blue waters edge on the surface, looking down on the rest of existence.

As an eight building slowly rises from the paper plate and into the world, the magical project encases the luxury of elite and first class communities. Community center Indoor TV community area, full service bar catering to your desires while resting in the fresh waters of the pool, a fully equipped gym, spa, and deli, all coming soon to enhance the experience of this magical community.

Little can compare to the feeling of being on top of the world, and here, a small hike for the adventurer at heart leads into the very summit of the hill this community is perched to, offering the horizon to the Pacific, and the vast desert that surrounds this land.

Contrast, luxury, design, and the sheer power of the blazing colors the sun paints in the clouds as it hides behind the hills; all of this blends into the surreal experience of Cabo. And in this towers, surreal meets impossible, giving you an experience like no other.

Wake to the soft rustle of waves carried by the wind, and be marveled by the explosion of colors that Los Cabos has to offer.

Welcome home, welcome Los Cabos.

Cascadas del Pedregal