Campestre Golfing Community

Deep within the hills that surround the downtown area of San Jose del Cabo, a brilliant, emerald colored Golf Course shines against the desert sand.

Overlooking deserts and the steel blue ocean, the wide open spaces created by the grass covered dunes of the 18-holes golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, are encased by marvelous Villas, luxurious condominium compounds, and breathtaking residences. All, circling the elite community and lavished common grounds that Los Cabos has to offer.

Inside each tower, each private gate, pools, grills and private parking lots are scattered. The golf course fee being agreeable, luxurious days beneath the sunlight and the sea breeze become an essential part of life. The Par 71 handicap makes it a wonderful Championship Course to spend time with friends. The tennis court becomes a favorite in everyday life.

Such a magnificent community is usually located miles away from civilization, but in Cabo, 15 minutes of a well-cared-for highway separate the airport from downtown, and this community lies at the very beginning of this highway, closing in on downtown and Hotel Zone areas.

Overlooking the entire Touristic Downtown, the Sea of Cortez, and the unparalleled blue skies of the Baja California Sur’s desert, there is truly few places that can match this paradise.

Welcome Home, to your Country Club Home.

Villas de Mexico

Villas de México

The monumental homes and condominium towers shine with an elegant, magnificent style…