Weather in Cabo San Lucas

There is much to see and do all year round, given the beautiful Cabo San Lucas weather. Any Los Cabos weather forecast from November into the springtime will look very consistent. While the summer months can be perilous for vacationers who want to avoid inclement weather entirely, you’ll find that the accommodation deals sizzle as much as the temperatures this time of year, making it the perfect time to travel for some. /p>

At Sea Side Reservations, we specialize in maintaining rental properties and luxuriously furnished houses near the center of fun-filled vacation activities in Mexico. Our vacation experts are happy to assist you in finding the ideal time to travel and in booking safe, clean, convenient accommodations that exceed your expectations.

Cabo San Lucas Weather

Cabo San Lucas Weather in December

While the rest of North America contends with cold fronts and the occasional snowy driveway to shovel, the weather in Los Cabos will generally be sunny with daytime temperatures pushing 80 degrees. Los Cabos really shines at this time of year, offering a combination of great weather, a beautiful location, and lots of things to do that make for a perfect winter getaway.

Winter lows hover around 55 degrees, so you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater to wear if the night cools off. Daily highs reach 80 and December Cabo San Lucas weather only fluctuates by a matter of 1-3 degrees — so you’re pretty much guaranteed a wonderful holiday! If you love the beach, you’ll be happy to know December snorkelers, divers and swimmers are treated to 75-degree waters in the Sea of Cortez and slightly cooler 65-70-degree Pacific Ocean temperatures.

There are no “rainy days” to speak of, with less than an inch of rain falling this month. The region boasts more than 200 hours of glorious sunlight in the dry month of December, so anticipate a pleasant stay — without umbrellas or ponchos!


Cabo San Lucas Weather in March

March can be a busy time to travel, depending on how Spring Break and Easter fall, but it’s also the perfect time to take a whale watching expedition. March lows dip down to 55 after the sun goes down and before 8 a.m., but the daytime temperatures range from 70 to 85. The breeze can make the air feel a bit cooler than it really is this time of year. However, the water is 62-72, depending on where you are, so feel free to hop in for a swim.

March is considered part of the “dry” period in Cabo San Lucas. You can expect 11 hours of sunshine a day, so a sprinkle here or there isn’t likely to interfere with your plans. In fact, there is only about 0.2 inches of rain throughout the whole month, so it’s a nice break from many US cities where springtime showers are needed to grow the flowers.


Cabo San Lucas Weather in July

In the summer months, temperatures can reach 90 degrees or above. Although the summer weather in Cabo San Lucas is fairly warm, it is often much cooler than other regions in Mexico due to its close proximity to the Sea of Cortez. Being located seaside ensures that a cool sea breeze keeps the temperatures comfortable for vacationers. At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo on the Pacific Ocean side can be as much as 10 degrees cooler than on the Sea of Cortez side, where water temperatures can reach 79 degrees. Humidity is often more bearable in Cabo than on other parts of Mexico’s west coast.


Cabo San Lucas Off Season

While there is no true “off-season” in Cabo San Lucas, there are months where the risk for downpours, tropical storms and hurricanes increases, as in many other coastal vacation areas. September is the rainiest month by far, with an average rainfall of 2.5 inches over the course of the month.

In the Los Cabos region, hurricane season takes place during the months of June through November. Those who wish to rent a vacation home or condo in the Los Cabos area during hurricane season should ensure that they are up to date on all storm warnings and forecasts before making a reservation or traveling to the area.

The benefit of traveling to Cabo San Lucas during hurricane season is that you’ll find the best deals on accommodations, the lowest crowds, and pleasant swimming temperatures. It also falls during summer vacation from school, so it may still be the most feasible time for your family to visit Mexico.

When to travel to Cabo San Lucas

December, March and July are some of the most common travel times booked by our clients, but you may also want to consider taking a getaway based around some of Riviera Maya’s most unique cultural events that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Contact us at Sea Side Reservations with any questions or to book your luxury Los Cabos getaway today!

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