Whale Watching Cabo

Whale watching in Los Cabos is an unforgettable lifetime experience. Cabo San Lucas and its sister city San Jose del Cabo enjoy a privileged location at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the aquamarine waters of the Sea of Cortez. This fusion of warm ocean currents, rich in biodiversity, supports an amazing variety of whale species, some of which can be spotted year-round!

Of all the wonderful things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico, there is no doubt that whale watching is one of the most awe-inspiring activities. If your vacation happens to coincide with peak whale watching season, you’re all but guaranteed to observe the magnificent humpback whale leaping from the water, spouting or head-slapping in a spectacular display.

To catch a glimpse of these remarkable cetaceans, you’ll need to take your vacation at the right time of the year. The best time for whale watching in Cabo is December through April, although humpbacks have been known to linger in the waters until early May. To ensure that you have comfortable lodging during this time, it’s a great idea to reserve a vacation rental or condo in Los Cabos. There are many reasons to choose a vacation rental over a hotel, and Sea Side Reservations can help you find some of the best ocean view properties in the area.
Whale Watch Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching

With the changes in season, several species of whales migrate to the temperate waters off Cabos to breed and give birth to their offspring. Whale watching in Cabo presents tourists with the unique opportunity to view two kinds of toothed whales and five species of Baleen whales during the migration season.

Imagine the thrill of having a barnacle-covered humpback and her young calf idling beside your boat, or watching a three ton gray whale breach in delight! Gray whales, which typically stay in small groups, migrate an astonishing 13,000 miles each year, and the protected bays and lagoons around Cabo offer shelter and safe haven for both mating and calving.

A Cabo whale watching tour may yield chances to see:


Cabo Whale Watching Season

There are several reputable whale watching tour companies in Cabo that offer private and group excursions to some of the region’s best spots. During peak whale watching season (January and February), whales are often visible from the shore. Playa Solmar, which is within walking distance of downtown Cabo San Lucas, is one location where tourists frequently spot whales breaching and leaping in the waters. A further 30 minutes outside of Cabo San Lucas, vacationers will find Playa Migrino. This beach is yet another spot where whale sightings are possible during migration season.

Join highly experienced naturalists and marine biologists for the ultimate wildlife adventure: whale watching in Cabo! Tours feature super-fast Zodiac boats, bilingual guides and comfortable life jackets for passengers of all ages.

Whether you book a private tour or a small group excursion, you’re bound to see tons of incredible marine life in route. Keep your eyes peeled for bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and sea lions. Just remember to pack sunscreen, your camera, bottled water and bring your sense of adventure!


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