Surfing in Cabo San Lucas

Surfing Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular things to experience during your stay. Nomad surfers out of Southern California, who were in search of the “perfect wave”, discovered the ideal temperatures and water conditions in the southern tip of the peninsula in the late 1960s. Over the years, Los Cabos has developed its own surf culture that draws vacationers from around the world and locals alike. Twenty minutes east of Cabo San Lucas proper, you welcomed by a tight-knit surfing community, which attracts vacationers from around the world and locals alike. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find plenty of waves to meet and challenge your skills.
 Surfing in Cabo

When to go surfing in Cabo

Los Cabos surfing is a popular activity for tourists, partially because of the area’s access to both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There aren’t many places in the world where you’re greeted by two different swells like that! While surfing is a year-round sport in Los Cabos, certain times of the year present better surf conditions in some areas more than in others:


Surfing in Cabo For Novices and Beginners

West of Playa Costa Azul is Playa Acapulquito, which is known as “Old Man’s Beach.” Here, you’ll find right point breaks for surfers ranging in skill from beginner to advanced. Unlike many Cabo beaches, the wave power is fairly consistent throughout the tidal stages. It can be a happening spots on the weekend, but there are plenty of surf shops and trainers to accommodate you. For the very best, check out the Costa Azul Surf Shop and Mike Doyle’s Surf School.

Surfing spots continue as you round the cape heading up north on the Sea of Cortez toward Cabo Pulmo, the world’s most northerly coral reef system. On the Pacific side, Cerritos Beach is a well-known surf paradise near the quaint, artsy town of Todo Santos. Learn-to-Surf camps have long set up here due to the lack of rocks and serious hazards.

Surfing Baja California As An Expert

If you are an expert-level surfer, make your way to Playa Monumentos. This beach is popular with tourists who are in Cabo San Lucas explicitly for surfing, although it is actually located just outside of the town. Here, experts will find what is labeled a “tricky” left point break. Swells surging up to 12 feet tall are common at mid and high tide here. You’ll need to be mindful of the rocky takeoff zone and the spiny sea urchins, but the exhilaration is well worth it.

In addition to the great surfing in Cabo San Lucas, several spots have notable breaks in San Jose del Cabo, include Playa Costa Azul and the world-famous Zippers surf break. Zippers is the closest break to San Jose del Cabo, just west of the town. The fun, fast right break provides a nice, long ride along the reef suitable for expert surfers. Zippers is also great for hobnobbing, as it’s the home of surf competitions held by the World Surf League every July.

Cabo San Lucas is at one end of a long stretch called the Corridor that runs between there and San Jose del Cabo. Along the Corridor are many different sites of interest for tourists visiting Los Cabos, surf spots included. One such spot is the secluded Playa El Tule, which is located in the middle of the Corridor and accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles only. Only the most confident surfers attempt the strong, variable left and right, high-speed break waves of Playa El Tule.

Where To Stay While Surfing Cabo San Lucas

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