Sailing in Cabo San Lucas

The immense beauty of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean are two of the reasons why Los Cabos is such a popular draw for those who love being on the water and sailing. The bodies of water meet off of Cabo San Lucas at the scenic Land’s End, which is also known as El Arco. In these clear waters, there are hundreds of different species of fish and marine life. Sailing is a relaxing way to enjoy the magnificent waters around Los Cabos, regardless of whether you have experience. Sea Side Reservations and our luxury condo rentals are a wonderful complement to a vacation spent in Cabo San Lucas sailing.

There are several options for people who are interested in sailing. Cabo San Lucas has a marina that is aptly named the Cabo San Lucas Marina. In San Jose del Cabo, you’ll find another marina known as the Puerto Los Cabos marina. From the marinas, you can often find sailing tour companies with which you can sign up for a tour. Another option is to privately hire or charter a sailboat with a captain who will take you or your whole party. If you are already proficient at sailing, sailboats may be rented for an overnight excursion, a full day, or just a few hours. If learning how to sail sounds like something that you’d like to do, consider making it a part of your vacation in Cabo. Sailing lessons are available from several of the sailing companies in Los Cabos.


Sailing Charters and Services


Why Go Sailing?

While you’re in Cabo sailing with friends or loved ones, you have an opportunity to enjoy relaxing days on the sailboat bathing in the sun or playing in the water. While sailing, you just may see dolphins, manta rays, or other marine life from the side of your boat. Snorkeling may also be a fun activity that you can participate in during your sailing excursion. If sailing on your own, check with the charter company about the safest locations for snorkeling, such as Lover’s Beach; otherwise, go with a sailing tour group for this activity. Fishing is also an activity that one can enjoy while in Cabo San Lucas sailing the waters. In addition, there are few things more stunning than seeing the sunset from the vantage point of a sailboat. There are also benefits to sailing Cabo San Lucas that will contribute to your overall sense of relaxation and well-being. The sound of the water and waves, for example, can have a lulling or relaxing effect, and the fresh ocean air can help you sleep better when you retire to your rental home at the end of the day.

To ensure that you have the most comfortable and stress-free vacation on land and on the water, trust Sea Side Reservations to help you find the right furnished house to rent. Our vacation properties are beautifully maintained and managed to ensure that your experience is a memorable one. While you’re here on our website, browse our available rental properties and see why you should choose renting versus staying in a hotel. When you’re ready to make reservations for your trip to sail in Los Cabos, contact us by phone or online. We’ll answer any questions and help you start the process of making your sailing dreams a reality.