Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing in Los Cabos is enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike and has an international reputation as being one of the world’s great places for the sport. Los Cabos is located where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet and is home to a wide variety of sea life. Whales, sharks, and other large pelagic fish migrate around the tip of the peninsula, searching for breeding grounds and following the migrations of the smaller fish that they eat. You can catch and eat your share, too, when you stay in Los Cabos in a comfortable rental from Sea Side Reservations!
What Fish Are Found When?

The type of fish that you want to catch will determine which months are best to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. Typically, the months of April through July will provide the best hauls for the fishing season. Bass, mahi mahi, tuna, and roosterfish are at their peak during this time, making them the catch of the day during the spring and summer months.

Los Cabos fishing excursions during January, February, and March offer jack, sierra, or striped marlin, which are more abundant during these months. Marlin fishing is world-renowned in Los Cabos, giving it the nickname of “the marlin capital of the world.” The hype is justified, as the largest blue marlins caught on record are from these waters. The annual Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament brings the sport’s big names to town looking to take home the big prize money.
Enjoy a Charter Trip

Charter fishing trips are the best way to experience deep-sea fishing in Los Cabos. Charters typically provide food and drinks or offer other activities, like wildlife-watching, for those times when you want to take a break from waiting for a nibble. Charters head out in the early morning, usually returning by mid-afternoon. Popular places to book Cabo fishing charters include Sushi Time, Cabo Sailing Ocean Adventures, JC’s Sportfishing, and Cabo Magic Sportfishing. For a more up-close fishing experience, try spearfishing with Spearfishing Baja.

Cabo sport fishing can be the experience of a lifetime. Talk to the folks at Sea Side Reservations about booking a luxury condo for your next trip. Award-winning Sea Side Reservations has the finest condos and luxury furnished beach house options in some of Mexico’s most desirable seaside destinations. Book with us and save on an enjoyable stay today!