Diving in Cabo San Lucas

Dive where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez! Los Cabos diving boasts multiple interesting sites within a two-hour drive. Sea Side Reservations wants to make your stay all the more memorable by providing you with luxury accommodations to enjoy between your adventures, whether it’s a night dive or an afternoon by the pool.

Where to Dive and When

There are many dive sites just a short boat ride away from the marina. Most dive trips depart from here. Conditions, visibility, and water temperature vary quite a bit with all Cabo scuba diving. Fall and spring water temperatures are the coolest. However, big ocean fish are also more likely to be seen at this time. October into November sees the perfect combination of warm air and comfortable water temperatures.

Some well-known dive sites include:

First-Timer or Dive-Master?

In and around Cabo San Lucas, diving can take place in any number of great locations. To choose the perfect spot for your adventure, first, consider your diving experience level. Pelican Rock, Santa Maria, and Neptune’s Finger can be good places to dip your toes if you’re a novice to scuba diving.

Los Cabos hotspots Land’s End, Blow Hole, and Middle Wall can be great choices if you’re somewhere between a beginner and an expert. Diving in Gordo Banks should only be attempted if you’ve earned your stripes as an expert or professional.

Before leaving your comfortable vacation home to go scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, carefully plan your day. Arrange to have someone dive with you, be it a travel companion or, ideally, a trained professional. Consider using a scuba diving checklist to make sure that you have all of the appropriate gear needed to have a safe and memorable diving experience. If you’re diving with a professional instructor or service, they’ll take care of many of these aspects for you, so you can focus on making a memory rather than the technicalities.
Dive Shops and Services

Los Cabos really is a crossroads for divers, and lots of businesses cater to their needs. Services range from equipment rental and certifications of all kinds to charter services. Absolute beginners will find introductory day dives that do not require any certification to participate. Dive Cabo and Manta Scuba are two well-known dive shops, both located at the marina. East Cape Explorers is the only dive shop operating out of San Jose del Cabo. Live-aboard expeditions leaving Cabo for the far-flung Socorro Islands can be reserved with Rocio del Mar.
Footsteps from the Sea

Regardless of where you choose to break the water’s surface, we’re sure to have a fully furnished vacation rental property nearby that can make the wonders of the sea even more accessible. A dip into the deep blue sea can be made more relaxing when you know that your rental is just a stone’s throw away. Sea Side Reservations offers many different luxury accommodations located near the water. Some of our condos, houses, and featured resorts available for rent are so close to the best diving spots that you’ll be able to walk to and from them. Accessibility to these ideal diving spots is only one of the many reasons why our loyal customers keep making reservations with us!

Sea Side Reservations knows that many of our customers love scuba diving. Los Cabos is in many ways the perfect place to experience your first underwater meet-and-greet with marine life. With so many reasons to appreciate Cabo San Lucas diving, we’re prepared to offer you one more: luxury vacation accommodations to fit any size group. Book your home away from home online today to experience the very best!