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    When planning a vacation to Mexico, many enjoy the authentic cultural atmosphere. Unfortunately, many of the popular destinations are crowded with other tourists, expensive hotels, and resorts. There are, however, still places that are quiet, relaxing and fun, yet away from most of the hectic pace of well-known tourist spots. One such place is situated on a sandbar on Costa Alegre in Jalisco. This destination is a small village called Barra de Navidad, or the Bar of Christmas, and it is roughly 135 miles south of Puerto Vallarta and 45 miles north of Manzanillo. The village is a great place to enjoy your vacation in Mexico; however, for the most relaxing experience, you’ll want to avoid uncomfortable hotels. There’s no better way to have the privacy, quiet, and freedom you crave while on vacation than to make reservations for a luxury vacation home rental. You can find your dream property for rent through Sea Side Reservations.

    Barra de Navidad is an attractive location with plenty of things to occupy guests while on vacation. Because the village is small, most people who live and visit the place can easily walk to many of the town’s destinations, or take the bus line that is available. This freedom of movement is yet another reason why you’ll want a vacation rental versus a hotel room. From your condo or house you can easily reach any of the many activities that Barra de Navidad has to offer. The most obvious thing to do while visiting this small town is to visit the beach, which runs along its length. The primary beach is known as Playa Principal. A good way to relax and enjoy the beach and the lagoon is to travel down the Malecon. On one side of the walkway there is the lagoon or Laguna de Navidad and on the other side there is the ocean beach or Bay of Navidad. On the beach side of Bay de Navidad, the waves make it a suitable place for surfers. While swimming is an activity that people can and do enjoy at Playa Principal, novice swimmers and children should avoid or use caution when swimming in water at certain parts of the beach. The lagoon has much calmer waters for inexperienced swimmers. With a beach front rental you’ll have access to the beach in little to no time. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy a delicious authentic meal, numerous beach bars for a drink, and places for vacationers to shop during their stay. Other beaches are just outside of the town, yet easily accessible.

    Fishing is another widely enjoyed activity for tourists staying in our rentals. People can rent boats to fish for Marlin or Tuna, for example. Barra de Navidad also hosts an international fishing tournament around the end of January and the beginning of February. Another tournament is also held in the month of November. Golf is yet another popular tourist attraction. One of the more popular golf courses in the area is the 27-hole Isla Navidad Golf Course.

    When planning a vacation to Barra de Navidad, you’ll find the ideal vacation home right here on our Sea Side Reservations site. In addition to finding a furnished rental, you’ll also find answers to questions that can make your trip to Mexico a smoother, safer one such as information regarding insurance and safety. If you have further questions we can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll answer those questions and reserve your rental today.

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