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    In the months of December and during the week of Semana Santa (Easter Season), Barra de Navidad is pulsing with excitement and energy. In the slower season, many of the restaurants and bars are closed due to lack of customers. But rest assured, regardless of the season you visit Barra, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars to satisfy your appetite.

    The restaurants in Barra vary from traditional cuisine to exotic. Every imaginable ethnic food is available from steaks, seafood, pizza to corner taco stands. A quick water taxi ride across the lagoon will put you on Colimilla, where more great restaurants await. Regardless of your appetite, Barra has a restaurant you will enjoy. And half the fun is trying them all!

    One place you should check out while visiting Barra de Navidad is the Sea Master, a trendy hot spot in the evenings. The Sea Master is located on Legazpi 146 and has a very modern and eclectic atmosphere people really enjoy. The furniture is of a burnt orange color and the lighting is all orange as well. The walls are adorned with very modern art pieces. The music will put you in a trance all while being able to view the beautiful ocean from the terrace. Here you will pay 11 pesos for beer and the mixed cocktails go for 45 pesos each. This hot spot is open every day from 6pm – 1am and they host happy hour between the hours of 3pm – 9pm. They accept all major credit cards as payment.
    Are you in the mood for exotic ambiance? You would be very happy at Jarro Video Bar also located on Legazpi, right by the fishing cooperative. The music here is pumping with dance beats, there are massive TV’s on the walls, pool tables, big comfy chairs, and many odd murals painted on their walls. Beer sells for 16 pesos, and mixed drinks are 42 pesos. Jarro’s is open every day between the hours of 9am-1am. They only accept cash as payment.

    Happy hour pricing is very popular among the bars and restaurants that line the street of Legazpi so you should check out who has the best deal. A relaxing spot where you can have a great cocktail and hear the sounds provided by the waves crashing can be found at Terrace Capri, located across from the church. You can relax on the terrace or dance to the hip music they play in the bar. This is one of the best places to catch Barra de Navidad’s incredible sunsets. Beer sells for 22 pesos, and the mixed cocktails are 38 pesos. They are open every day from 5pm – 2am and they have drink specials during happy hour between the hours of 6pm-9pm.