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    You will find many of the local fishermen are happy to take you to nearby destinations and attractions accessible only by boat. The fishermen will even wait while you dine inside an old rustic farm-like establishment located in Colimilla. Colimilla is on the other side of the lagoon from Barra de Navidad. The cost to take a water taxi to Colimilla and have the fishermen wait for you while you eat is 200 pesos. That price accommodates up to 10 people.

    Some people like to go to Playa de los Cocos while they are here because the waves are bigger than in Barra de Navidad. If you head past Coco’s you will stumble on Playa Viejo, another great place to swim. Be sure to tell the fishermen to wait for you otherwise you will have to swim back. If you wish to go to both of these beaches by water taxi, the cost will be approximately 610 pesos and that includes round trip transportation for up to 10 people.

    Another thing people enjoy while visiting Barra is the wonderful snorkeling excursions available at Tenacatita. If you wish to go snorkeling the charge is approximately 2600 pesos for up to 10 people. You can also go snorkeling in Isla de Navidad for approximately 160 pesos per person. Snorkeling is also very good in Tamarindo Bay and costs 1600 pesos for a party of 10 people.

    If fishing is your passion then you can charter an excursion for 2600 pesos and that includes transportation and fishing for up to 10 people. The fishing trip will last for 7 hours. In order to set up any of these activities you should inquire with the Sociedad Cooperativa de Servicios Turistico’s and you will find their office located on Legazpi Road right on the lagoon.

    Be sure to ask about discounts because the fishermen are more than willing to negotiate their prices to accommodate you. If you would like to charter a boat of your own you can do so at Mary Chuy Fishing Charters. At Mary’s they provide charters that can last up to 6 hours and range anywhere from 3000-6500 pesos depending on how many people you have in your group. Mary’s is open every day between the hours of 7am-7pm. If these trips are a little out of your price range you always have the option of just rent gear in town and creating your own fishing experience.

    There are so many wonderful adventures in Barra, enjoy the peaceful serenity, the beautiful beaches, the quaint shops, or one of the listed activities, but whatever you do, enjoy the services offered by Sea Side Mexico!