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    There are so many things to see and do in Rocky Point, it is hard to narrow down all of the activities, attractions and adventures found in Rocky Point down to just 20. People come to Rocky Point with several activities already in mind. For some, the beautiful beaches and lush, tropical coastline are the inspiration for creation; spending the entire weekend capturing the idyllic images of Puerto Peñasco on canvass. Or, maybe it’s time to take it up a notch or two, dirt biking or riding an ATV in the sand dunes just outside of town. Here are 20 of the most popular attractions and activities that you can enjoy in Rocky Point.

    Eating – Culinary tours are very popular right now, and Mexican culinary excursions are all the rage. Famous for its shrimp fishing, Rocky Point provides the perfect location to sample all of the sumptuous, south of the border cuisine you have ever wanted to experience. From your favorite Mexican dish, to the one you’ve always wanted to try, you’ll find it at any one of the many restaurants found in Rocky Point. Of course your dining selection in Rocky Point not limited to regional cuisine. Steaks, burgers, pizza, barbeque, everything you need to satisfy your hunger for (a dining) adventure is right here in Rocky Point.

    Shopping – Rocky Point provides the unique opportunity to offer you everything you could ever want during your Mexican shopping experience. If you want to load up on souvenirs of your stay in Rocky Point or, maybe you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind find; handcrafted native artwork, hand-made clothing, sculpture and furniture. It’s all here. Arrive in Rocky Point with an empty truck, and drive home with a truckload of memories.

    Relaxing – This was your idea of a dream vacation all along, walking along the beautiful beaches of Puerto Peñasco, the surf gently lapping at your feet. Along the shore you stop to collect sea shells and watch the waves crest. The fishing boats shrink into the distance, while the jet-skis and wave runners zoom past. As evening slowly settles across Puerto Peñasco, you decide to take in the spa, or perhaps a soothing massage. While offering everything for the adventure seeker and action enthusiast, Rocky Point is most famous for the rest and relaxation that can be found here. Find the perfect Rocky Point resort to hang your hat and enjot the absolute luxury of being pampered!

    Kite Surfing – The activities you can enjoy on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco are virtually limitless, and Kite Surfing is certainly one of the most popular. Imagine, surfing the ocean at blinding speeds, the force of the wind propelling you across the waves with a surf board strapped to your feet, your hands tightly gripping a giant kite. Your Kite Surfing adventure will depend on your level of experience, starting with lessons for the beginner and a refresher for the more advanced Kite Surfer. The cost depends on the type of lesson you choose.

    Parasailing – What would a vacation in Rocky Point be without an afternoon of parasailing? It’s the video everyone will ask you for when you return home, so give yourself and your friends an unforgettable experience. Fly up to 800 feet in the air, soaring high above Puerto Peñasco, with nothing but the clear blue ocean far below. Prices vary depending on the ride desired and the duration.

    Ultra Light Rides – Hang on for the ride of your life. It’s just you and the Ultra Light pilot soaring high above Rocky Point. You can enjoy 15 minutes in the air for $40.00 although the cost of an Ultra Light ride may vary. Tell the experienced, certified Ultra Light pilot how you prefer to fly; gently gliding above Rocky Point, or mixing it up a little for a high flying adventure.

    Sunset Cruises – Sunset cruises aren’t just for lovers, there is a cruise in Rocky Point to satisfy every whim, from swashbuckling pirate adventures to dining and party cruises around the Sea of Cortez. A relaxing way to enjoy the ocean and an excellent opportunity to experience the abundant marine life in a leisurely way.

    Sea Kayaking – This is a wonderful way to escape and just enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez. You’ll be glad you brought along your waterproof camera when you venture out on your early morning kayak, because this is the best time to see Dolphins which are a common site in Rocky Point. Kayak rentals are available from Kayak Rocky Point.

    Snorkeling – This is way up there with parasailing when it comes to the activities that attract visitors to Rocky Point. Snorkeling the reefs and beaches of Puerto Peñasco provides an experience that can be enjoyed by the most seasoned professional or someone seeing the ocean for the very first time. There are plenty of beaches and coves that provide a fascinating look at the life aquatic. The changing tides provide a different experience every time you explore.

    Fishing – There it is, mounted on your wall; that fearsome fish you fought with for hours in a battle of wills and a contest of endurance. There are plenty of fishing charters to choose from in Rocky Point, as well as the choices of fishing adventures you seek. Make those tall tales a reality, or just enjoy the experience ocean fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Prices will vary depending on the amount of time you want to spend fishing.

    Banana Boat Ride – One of the most affordable rides in Rocky Point, the Banana Boats usually will only cost you $5.Tell the banana boat operator how you want your ride to go, smooth sailing or terrifying tempest. This a great family experience, especially for children. Take the whole family to the beach, find your boat, and go bananas.

    Jet Skis and Wave Runners – Most of the visitors to Rocky Point that are ready for their jet ski, wave runner adventure bring their own equipment. Rentals are still available however. If you do bring your own, please remember to have a current title or rental agreement and obey the regulations regarding when and where you can ride.

    Horseback Riding – Release your inner cowboy or cowgirl, go horseback riding along the beach, or through the dunes around Puerto Peñasco. Take a ride along Sandy Beach and look for the signs.There are several stables along the way offering horse rentals. Prices may vary.

    Oyster Farm – Not a lot of cows and tractors at this kind of farm, but if the freshest oysters are what you seek, the Oyster Farms around Rocky Point will offer a great experience for you. These are a delight among those seeking the most exotic culinary experience. Watch as the oysters are pulled from the sand, shucked before your eyes, and served.

    Golf – It took a while to get to Rocky Point, but now that the golf courses are finally here, it looks like more courses are already in the works. The golf courses around Rocky Point are part of the hotels and resorts, so the cost of a round of golf for a hotel guest is very different then what a visitor can expect to pay.

    Mini Golf – No mater where your travels take you, to exotic locations and mysterious destinations, sooner or later someone wants to play Mini-golf. Still the kid’s favorite vacation activity, and if you couldn’t get a tee time on the major courses, mini golf still provides great way to play18 holes. Grab your favorite putter and get your (mini) game on.

    Pinacate Volcano Tours – Contact the CEDO office in Rocky Point and arrange a tour of the El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. Three different tours are offered depending on how much walking and hiking you are up for. Located in Puerto Peñasco, CEDO (Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans) works closely with visitors, local communities, and the government to understand and minimize human impact on local environments and species through research, education, and conservation.

    CET-MAR Aquarium – Don’t expect Sea World when you walk into the CET-MAR aquarium. These tanks are mainly for the rehabilitation of sea animals, usually seals and sea turtles. What you will get is an up close and personal experience as the seals and sea turtles poke their heads through holes in the fence to feast on the fish snacks that you purchased for them at the entrance.

    Bird Island – Located 27 miles south east of Puerto Peñasco, and approximately 11 miles from the shore outside the Bay of San Jorge, Isla San Jorge (better known as Bird Island) provides a very important biological sanctuary for a wide variety of creatures including birds, mammals and sea life. Decreed a “Reserved Area of Shelter” for migratory birds and wild fauna in 1978, this group of several rocky islands is definitely worth the 1 hour boat ride, as you encounter dolphins and various marine life along the way.

    Diving – With water this crystal clear, marine life so colorful and abundant and reefs and coves so plentiful and mysterious, a diving excursion into the waters of the Sea of Cortez is surely on your list of things to do. The certified diving instructors in Rocky Point will provide everything you need for your diving experience. Providing lessons for the first time diver and certifications for the more advanced.