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Sea Side University is an institution exclusively for Sea Side employees.  We strive to train loyal and devoted workers for our company.  Education at Sea Side University includes training for new and existing employees and provides courses to strengthen the skills of our workers in various areas; including customer service, English and Spanish language development and leadership training.  It is the goal of Sea Side Reservations to provide the best customer service possible and we believe that education is the most powerful tool for reaching this goal.

All new employees will go through an established time at Sea Side University, the company’s in-house training institution, before they begin working for the company. The program is designed to inform new employees about the company and prepare them for their positions, includes an overview of the company’s history, an explanation of its core values, vision, mission, goals and objectives and an overview of employee benefits, as well as tax and legal issues.
To bring out the potential of each employee through executive training and constant review and practice and especially mobilizing them in order to create employees who are capable, enthusiastic and productive for our company so they can provide an excellent service to our clients.
To transmit the basic and general knowledge of values and culture of our company by training and developing the new employees. To help and guide our staff through constant training and keep them up to date on our operative and administrative system having them 
focus and determine.
  • Commitment
  • Everything we do will be focused on our company and for it improvement
  • Professionalism
  • We will be commitment with our credo being persistent and professional
  • Excellence
  • All our service will be delivered with excellence showing a positive and friendly attitude
  • Enthusiasm to teach
  • Transmitting our knowledge is our main goal
  • Teamwork
  • We divide the tasks and multiply the success
  • Discipline
  • We follow our procedures with discipline but always looking to improve our system
  • Focus and determination
  • Always moving towards improvement
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"Talent and effort are nothing without focus and determination"
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