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  • Bahia Kino

    Bahía Kino is about a 1-hour drive west of Hermosillo, a major cosmopolitan area in the Mexican Sonoran State. Unlike some areas of the Mexican coastline, large vacation resort developments have not invaded the area. The area is quite tranquil, relaxing, and the beaches are not over-crowded.

    Bahía Kino, also known as Kino Bay, is part of the new Riviera del Mar de Cortez (Sea of Cortez), referred by Jacques Cousteau as the “Sea Aquarium.”

    In Kino Bay, tranquility invites you to explore miles of the finest pristine beaches and great food. Other activities include sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, wind surfing, sea kayaking, swimming, whale watching, and other water sports. We have other activities in the area such as nature tours and a trip to the biggest island in Mexico, called “Tiburón Island” where the Seri Tribe is located. Permits are required to hike or overnight on Tiburón Island. There is a museum in Bahía Kino dedicated to the Seri Tribe.

    The old town, “Kino Viejo,” meaning Old Kino, you can find the Malecón, fishing villages, markets, restaurants, and great local people to meet. Contact us at Sea Side Reservations for the best vacation rental properties for the area. We are pleased to be here to serve you.

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